A SCHOOL celebrated the opening of a new chapter in its history.

Horwich Parish CE Primary unveiled its first ever school library.

The new bright £11,000 facility boasts 1,600 books, many of which were chosen by children ­— who are said to be excited about using the new resource.

Headteacher Debbie Mills said: "The school has never had a library, each classroom had books in a corner, and that will continue, but we wanted a library to develop children's love of reading."

Plans for a central school library were put forward in September and children and their families were involved in the project.

She added: "A lot of people helped fundraise for the library, including the Parents Teachers' Association which raised £5,000 through events such as Easter Bingo and the school held a colour run."

Work on the library took place over Easter with a grand opening taking place on Monday.

Each class was asked about their favourite authors and which books they would like to see in the library

Parents also bought books for the library through a scheme by bookshop Ebb and Flo.

In return their child's name would be inscribed inside the book

Families also donated "good as new books" to the library.

A special opening took place this week to which the Mayor of Horwich, Cllr Gordon Stone was invited along with local MP Chris Green.

The VIP guests spoke to children about their favourite reads and authors.

And all week the school has been staging a "Festival of Reading" with children exploring different themes each day.

This includes reading books to develop their understanding of empathy and the school also held a pyjamarama day during which children enjoyed the popular bedtime stories.

Author Sarah Dodd and poet Matt Goodfellow along with other writers are also due to visit the school as part of the week long celebrations.

Mrs Mills said: "The children are very enthusiastic about the library because they have chosen some of the books and parents have been dropping in."

She added: "Year Five pupils will be librarians and members have staff have also put themselves forward."