A DRUNKEN son attacked his stepfather with a golf club and threatened to stab a neighbour with a knife.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard how Marcus Dawson’s mother and stepfather fled their home after he became aggressive on the evening of March 9.

David Lees, prosecuting, told how 26-year-old Dawson, of Ainsworth Lane, Bolton, called at his mother, Alexandra Brannon’s home in Eldon Street, Bury, at 9.30pm.

“She says he was in a drunken state and swore at her. She describes him as acting aggressively,” said Mr Lees.

He wanted to be taken home, but while she went to get her shoes he went upstairs and she found him lying on a bed in the spare bedroom.

When she tried to get him to leave he became abusive.

“He picked up a gold club and began to smash the spare room window,” said Mr Lees.

Mrs Brannon ran out of the house to a neighbour’s and Dawson then confronted her partner, Lyndon Monks, who was in the main bedroom.

“It seems that Mr Monks was unaware of what was going on upstairs,” said Mr Lees.

Dawson screamed at him and then attacked him, hitting him over the back with the golf club.

Mr Monks also fled the house, chased by Dawson, who stuck him again with such force that the golf club snapped in two.

Dawson went back into the house armed himself with a knife and threatened to stab a neighbour who tried to calm him down.

When his brother, Christian Sawicz, arrived at the house in his car, Dawson ordered him to leave and, armed with another golf club, chased the vehicle down the street.

Police arrived and had to subdue Dawson with a Taser before arresting him.

In a victim statement, Mrs Brannon said: “The incident on the night was terrifying. I love my son but I am concerned about his spiralling behaviour.”

Dawson was remanded in custody and pleaded guilty to affray, criminal damage, battery, possessing and offensive weapon and possessing a knife.

Marianne Alton, defending, told the court that doctors have now diagnosed Dawson as being bipolar and he has started treatment for the disorder.

Judge John Edwards told Dawson: “Your behaviour on March 9 was absolutely disgraceful. Someone could have been seriously injured. You wrought havoc in that house.”

But he added that Dawson has now spent the equivalent of a six month sentence in jail while on remand and so sentenced him to 10 months in prison, suspended for 18 months.

Dawson was also ordered to participate in 30 days of rehabilitation activities and do 120 hours of unpaid work.

A restraining order was also made banning him from contacting his victims.