OVER Hulton is set to have its own Christmas lights switch-on this year.

The lights will be installed on the shopping precinct in Newbrook Road.

John Bullen, chairman of the Over Hulton Community Group admitted that its still at a very early stage but added he is "delighted" about the news.

He added: "It's come about because we have a Christmas carol service every year on the car park of St Vincent's. We've done that for six years and get around 200 to 300 people there each time.

"Last year, somebody just asked why we don't have any Christmas lights.

"I spoke to the landlord of the precinct and he had no problems. All the shopkeepers thought it was a fantastic idea.

"Each shop has its own hanging basket, which we want to put Christmas trees in. Then we want to loop the lights from one tree to another."

Mr Bullen anticipates that the lights will cost "a few hundred to a thousand pounds" and he plans to organise a number of fundraising events to help put the plan in motion.

On July 20, a precinct sale will be held, with a tombola, cake sale and book sale.

Donations for the stalls can be dropped off at McColls.

Of the plans, Hulton councillor Derek Bullock said: It's very good news for the area and as a councillor, I'll fully support the fundraising efforts.

"It will give the precinct more of a Christmas atmosphere which can only be a good thing."

For more information about future fundraising events, like The Over Hulton Community Group on Facebook.