COUNCILLORS have called for action to be taken after travellers left mountains of rubbish in Leverhulme Park.

Travellers set up camp at a children’s area, in the park last week.

Bolton Council got an order from Bolton Magistrates’ Court allowing them to remove the vehicles and property from the land.

But in the days following, there was still piles of rubbish, propane canisters and tents around the park.

UKIP councillor for Little Lever and Darcy Lever Rees Gibbon praised the work of volunteers who eventually cleared the mess but called on the council to do more to stop incidents such as this from happening again in future.

Cllr Gibbon said: “It is a big concern because its not the first time its happened and when they’re gone we’re left with a bill.

“We’ve put the issue to the council before and we were assured that the system was adequate but we’re going to ask for the motion to be reviewed again.

“I think that if travellers are moved off council land, they shouldn’t be allowed back into the borough. In Darcy Lever, as soon as they’re reported, we get them moved on.

“Without the volunteers that go around and keep it tidy, the park would be a mess. So they should be highly commended.”

Bolton Council cabinet member for Environmental Service Delivery, Adele Warren added: “One of the main problems is the disruption. The park run had to be cancelled.

“Then there’s the clean up afterwards and any damage. We’re quite lucky this time that just a lock had been cut off.

“It costs the taxpayer as well. Interestingly, the High Court has said if there is any flytipping then they can be charged, but it just isn’t practical.

Breightmet councillor Beverley Fletcher echoed Cllr Warren and Cllr Gibbon’s sentiments.

Cllr Fletcher said: “It seems wrong that residents can open their curtains and see a family parked up outside their house.We understand that they need to house up somewhere but it’s the mess that they leave. At the end of the day, it’s the taxpayer who has to pay for it.Volunteers work very hard to keep the park clean so it’s a complete smack in the face to them as well.”

Bolton Council confirmed that the site was cleared up on Monday.