I read the article by journalist Helena Vesty last week regarding Catherine Walker and her brother Lawrence, a gentleman with learning difficulties.

Catherine has not recognised the pattern of financial changes at Thicketford House Community Care Centre.

The centre gives an excellent service to Lawrence. He has been attending from 9am to 3.15pm for the past five years and the extra activities provided are swimming, walking, art classes and social interaction with his peer group.

This particular item interested me as my sister underwent financial assessment for community and eventually nursing care.

My niece sold her mother’s home to cover monthly nursing home payments in excess of £2,000. She died in her early 90s and the care she received was excellent.

Lawrence’s situation needs to be looked at in a personal and pragmatic way.

Weekly charges of approximately £25 or about £4.90 daily do not cover the true cost of this care package but being empathetic and practical to Lawrence.

I presume Bolton Council tax payers perhaps picked up the bill. I think £350 is the true cost of the day care, the staff who care for Lawrence will need approximately £8 per hour for wages, they will provide him with a nice lunch, soft drinks, personal care when needed and heating to keep him warm plus transportation for outings.

I think it is sad that Lawrence is not attending day care now and perhaps Catherine could review the situation. The previous £98 paid along with the increased pensions credit of £265 per month will cover the £350 monthly payment.

I presume Lawrence’s basic state pension is boosted by non means test disability payment, usually £400 four-weekly and maybe Catherine is entitled to a carers allowance on a weekly basis.

My sister received attendance allowance non means tested to help with her finances. I wish Lawrence all the best for the future.

Anne Berry