CLLR Debbie Newall sent details to a journalist of a serious complaint six years in the running.

At no time, as a Labour councillor, did I get these details.

I sat at Labour group meetings for four and a half years and I recall this matter coming up just once, but there was scant detail given.

Any councillors at Labour group can raise matters and get things off their chest. In all of this time period likely very many Labour group members, including myself, were not informed about the details supplied to the journalist.

Many are not in any way answerable for the matters set out to the journalist. But it is general assumptions and views given by Debbie about the Labour group that I disagree with — that should a man who pushes about, or verbally abuses a woman, pop up again in this group, it will not be dealt with. Clearly members of the Labour group who will act, need to be told about any intimidation, bullying or harassment by any person of any person.

That women in the Labour group just have to accept intimidation and bullying by a man or men. Details describe disgusting experiences that Debbie was put through. In what land of dreams can anyone imagine I would for one minute put up with it?

Not everyone can fight back so there is a complaint system and a support system. There are Labour group meetings where councillors as individuals, or some together, can raise matters. I have not found misogyny, woman hating, in the Labour group.

Cllr Sue Haworth