BOLTON homes have four bins to help sort recycling and household waste.

But it can be difficult remembering what goes where.


The beige bin is for paper items. These include cardboard packages, envelopes, leaflets and junk mail, shredded paper and magazines.

Birthday cards can also be recycled here but not if they contain glitter.

Recycle for Greater Manchester processes the region's waste and says empty pizza boxes can also be recycled, even if they are stained or greasy, but all pizza remains should be gone.


This bin probably causes the most confusion.

The rule in Greater Manchester is anything bottle shaped can be recycled, but tops should be removed.

Milk, cola and lemonade bottles are all fine without tops but margarine and yoghurt pots are not. The latter are made of a low-grade plastic which has a different melting point and is not currently recycled by the Greater Manchester team.

Tins and drink cans can also be recycled ­ — aluminium can be recycled over and over without losing quality.

Glass bottles and jars can be recycled in your burgundy bin but the lids should be discarded.

Aerosols can also be recycled, but not their plastic lids, once empty simply place the can with your recycling. Do not pierce or crush the can.


This is for your food and garden waste. Eggs shells, flowers, grass clippings and weeds can all be recycled in this.

Leftovers from your plate like raw or cooked meat and fish, pasta, beans and dairy products can all be placed here.

No invasive weeds.


Everything else.

Visit for tips on recycling and reusing most household items.