AS BRANDS try to improve sustainability in all areas UK supermarkets and food companies have signed a pledge to halve food waste by 2030.

More than 100 organisations, including all the UK's major supermarkets, have committed to drive down food waste and raise public awareness, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said.

An estimated 10.2 million tonnes of food and drink is wasted every year, worth around £20 billion.

It is estimated that UK households spend £15 billion a year on food that could have been eaten but ends up being thrown away, equating to £500 a year for the average household.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove, who warned last month that food production was extravagant and profligate, said: "I am delighted to see so many UK food businesses commit to game-changing action to cut food waste, and I hope that others follow suit."

Brands like Nestle, Sainsbury's and Tesco have all signed up to the pledge. Judith Batchelar from Sainsbury's said food waste is one of the "biggest challenges" facing society today.