A MAN who waged a campaign of harassment against Bolton MP Yasmin Qureshi has been jailed for 56 days after losing an appeal against conviction.

During a three day hearing before two justices and Judge Simon Medland QC at Preston Crown Court Ms Qureshi gave evidence via a video link from Westminster Magistrates' Court.

In September last year ex-drug dealer 48-year-old Tyrone Gallagher was convicted of waging an abusive online campaign against the Bolton South East MP Ms Qureshi.

But he opted to appeal against the harassment conviction, which had resulted in him being given a six week prison sentence, suspended for six months.

The court heard how Gallagher, of Gregson Field, Great Lever, had posted threatening messages on the politician's Facebook page early last year.

The Facebook post, which has since been deleted, accused Ms Qureshi of being involved in a ‘cover-up’ relating to events in Gallagher’s personal life.

He was also accused of leaving explicit voicemail messages at the MP's constituency office in St Georges Road.

In the recorded messages, which were played in court, Gallagher could be heard screaming expletives and accusing Ms Qureshi of being "an abuser".

Gallagher said he believed Ms Qureshi was responsible for an 'assault' on his granddaughter, and that she participated in a 'cover-up' to prevent him seeking justice.

Gallagher, who previously served seven years in prison for conspiracy to supply heroin, denied posting the abusive Facebook post and leaving the voicemail messages.

He claimed the recorded voicemail messages were left by someone who had entered his home.

And he alleged his arrest as an elaborate conspiracy between Ms Qureshi, Greater Manchester Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the NHS, to imprison him.

At his trial last year at Preston Magistrates' Court, he told the court: "It’s a stitch-up."

The court heard that Gallagher has served numerous prison sentences for burglary, drug dealing, affray and actual bodily harm over the past 25 years.

And Senior District Judge Emma Arbuthnot commented that Gallagher’s “deliberate and purposeful attack” on Ms Qureshi was particularly troubling since the murder of MP Jo Cox in 2016.

In addition to the prison sentence, a restraining order was made banning Gallagher from contacting Ms Qureshi or her office manager Karen Lawrinson, going near their office in St George's Road, making phone calls to them or contacting them via social media.

Speaking after the conclusion of the appeal Mrs Qureshi said: “Mr. Gallagher was rightfully convicted in the Magistrates’ Court and now the Crown Court has confirmed that conviction.

"I have never met Mr. Gallagher personally and have no idea why he suddenly decided to launch a vendetta against me.

"It has been very worrying and frightening for my staff and me, and I am extremely relieved that this matter has come to an end.

“I believe that this is a reflection of the current malaise in society, where abusing politicians has become the norm. Hopefully this decision will make people realise that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable.”