ALAN Johnson’s figures are highly selective and too simplistic.

He quotes the minimum UK pension, but the figures for Spain, France and Germany are not the minimums.

In these countries the minimum is higher than the UK but not by much.

He makes no reference to other benefits such as pension credits, housing benefit etc. Also no mention of occupational pensions or tax implications, eg, someone on £25k pension in the uk would pay around £60-70 per week in tax. No mention of funding — how much paid in when working.

I would suggest that most u k pensioners are comfortable but of course some will struggle having squandered their money on food, clothing, heating etc.

It is indeed scandalous that ANY are struggling after working 40-50 years.

Morally wrong, but of course politicians have few morals. The UK state pension is the worst in Europe and one of the worst in the developed world and needs sorting.

The Dutch model is deemed the best and could be applied in the UK with the political will to do so.


Bromley Cross