OUR holiday choices definitely say much about our character and put us into a couple of personality categories.

There are those who love life — the basic sunshine holiday fans who choose a break with plenty of lounging about in the sun, occasional swimming in the sea or pool and good food and drink. They will quite often go back to the same resort again and again.

Then there are those who see holidays as a chance for new experiences, new venues, acquiring knowledge and enjoying plenty of activities. These are life’s seekers, people with a hunger in their lives who will always look for new experiences, new places to go.

There are also those who opt for very different and challenging activities. These are people who face life head-on and look for ways of gaining an adrenaline rush. They are not satisfied with a quiet life and need fresh things to do – new horizons to visit.

These, probably not-so-accurate thoughts, flitted through my mind when I spotted a news items about a new type of holiday run by former special forces’ soldiers.

They offer SAS-style trips to put intrepid travellers through their paces. This includes a trip into the Arctic wilds to battle temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius and tackle untraversed landscapes on cross-country skis. Just to tempt you, during the trip, adventurous types could take a dip in icy waters.

The military-inspired expeditions are already under way and attracting those who want to test themselves against the elements. It’s the “Who Dares Wins” type of mindset which would appeal to those who definitely like a challenge.

While that might not suit everyone, there is no doubt that today there are a huge number of holidays that you can enjoy. For example, you could go Salsa dancing in Cuba or swimming with dolphins in the Azores.

You could go walking in Northern Spain and learn Spanish the immersive way by hiking away from the crowds of the Costas. “Wildly rugged mountains, Atlantic high rollers and a series of Spanish lessons all add up to a truly unique experience” apparently.

If you fancy a sailing holiday, why not try the coast of Myanmar (Burma)? Here, there are still vast stretches of coastline which have been untouched since the first seafaring adventurers. In the south, more than 800 mostly deserted islands beckon, offering pristine white sandy beaches against a jungle backdrop.

See the Northern Lights in Iceland or unleash your inner eagle-hunter in the shadow of the Altai Mountains in Mongolia. Or, leave civilisation behind and camp amongst the savannas and subtropical grasslands of the Sahel in Chad, meeting and buying supplies from semi-nomadic Mlbororo cattle herders.

You may prefer a traditional activity holiday like cycling in Italy or discovering the wonders of Jordan via its extensive asphalt road system.

Personally, a spot of lounging about in the sun, some semi-energetic activities and then it’s down to the local taverna suits me. But then I’m not the adventurous type.