Morrisons is set to sell reusable stainless-steel straws to help customers prepare for the Government’s plastic straw ban.

It comes one year after the supermarket chain ditched plastic straws, reducing their plastic waste by 30 tonnes.

They have now introduced a four-pack of straws which will be sold with a cleaning rod so they can be used again and again.

The introduction of the new straws - priced at £2.50 - comes as more and more businesses move away from selling plastic ones.

Plastic straws will be banned from all cafes, restaurants and bars by 2020.

Paper straws have been introduced as an alternative, but some companies have received complaints that they cannot be used again, and they don’t work well as the straws absorb the liquid.

Natasha Cook, Packaging Manager at Morrisons said: “We know reducing plastics is a top priority for our customers.

"We’ve already swapped plastic for paper straws, but by introducing durable and easy-to-wash stainless steel straws we are going one step further.”