CONCERNS over the dwindling number of public toilets have arisen again following the closure of another set of facilities yesterday.

A resident raised concerns at the closure of the public toilets in Westhoughton Market, saying the move was unexpected.

The market recently changed hands and the new owners, who took over from Bolton Council at the end of May, say that they have warned of the closure with signs.

A spokesman for Westhoughton Markets Limited, which now owns and operates the market, said: “The toilets formed part of the market building.

“Half of the time they were never open or would shut at 2pm, they were dependent on staff.”

The new owners are closing the public toilets, but maintaining the toilets inside the market.

The spokesman added: “It will not be financially viable for us to open two sets of toilets and provide staff for them.

“The rents would have to go up and it would affect 40 traders.

“People are more than welcome to use the customer facilities inside.”

Town mayor David Wilkinson said that the Westhoughton town council had not been made aware that the sale of the market had been completed, nor that the only public toilets in the town were due to close.

He said: "It was a bit of a shock. I was not informed in any way shape or form that the sale was going through.

"I am disappointed that there has been a complete lack of consultation with Westhoughton Town Council by Bolton Council."

The new Westhoughton Market team is hoping to expand its opening hours so the toilets will be in use more often.

The market spokesman said: “We understand that we’re not open seven days a week, we’re open four days a week and that is set to increase."