A CAR has been "completely destroyed" after a fire in a Farnworth street.

Firefighters were called to Barton Street at about 2.30am after a neighbour reported the blaze.

They arrived to find a Ford Focus engulfed in flames and managed to put the fire out within 30 minutes.

However, the vehicle was left severely damaged.

The fire service are investigating the fire, which it is thought may have been started deliberately.

Police have also been made aware of the incident.

Paul Harrison, watch manager at Farnworth Fire Station, said: "We were called to a car fire in Barton Street at about 2.30am and arrived to find a car fully engulfed in flames.

"We used breathing apparatus and a tank of water to put it out, but it has been completely destroyed.

"We were there for about 20 to 30 minutes.

"There is a chance it was started deliberately. Investigations are ongoing and police have been made aware of the incident."