A REVIEW of slim bins, which could make it easier for families to get bigger grey bins, is set to take place.

Calls to change the process of requesting 240-litre bins, which is currently subject to strict criteria, have been met with support from all parties.

Another proposal to tackle fly-tipping by lowering the collection fee for bulky items, which is currently a minimum of £30 for up to five items, has also been put forward.

Councillors are expected to vote through both motions at the town hall tonight.

Farnworth and Kearsley First councillors Maureen Flitcroft and Julie Pattison who tabled the motions, said both issues are of "great importance" for the areas they represent.

Cllr Flitcroft said: "It has featured in our election campaign leaflets as a main aim of the party to bring about a debate on the merits of the slim-bin."

The 140-litre slim bins, which were first introduced in 2016, save Bolton Council around £4m every year.

Residents struggling to fit their rubbish in slim grey bins can apply for a waste audit and request a bigger bin.

Households with six or more residents, three or more people in nappies or at least one person with a medical condition that results in the production of extra waste can request an audit.

Residents who are using all recycling facilities available to them but are still struggling to fit their rubbish in the grey bin can also qualify for a waste audit.

A recycling officer would check whether residents are using all recycling bins available.

Group leader Paul Sanders said: "We appreciate that savings have been forthcoming to the council, but we have to understand the cost on the lives of the people who are struggling.”

Labour councillor Nick Peel, said his party would support exploring slim bins and fly-tipping at policy development groups, as the motion proposes.

But the former executive cabinet member for environmental services defended the success of slim bins and said that fly-tipping is not increasing in the borough, as the Tories and other parties have said in the past.

He said: "All the data that the officers gave me showed it wasn't true. Are they going to call officers liars or are they going to back down?"

Lib Dem, UKIP and Horwich and Blackrod First Independents leaders have also indicated their support for the motions.