THEY know they have a responsibility to their planet and young global citizens in Bolton set an example to others as they celebrated Clean Air Day.

Beaumont Primary school was one of a number of schools taking part in activities as part of the UK’s largest campaign against air pollution.

Children at the school have been leading a drive to banish cars from outside their school to improve safety, promote fitness and health by reducing the effects of pollution.

And on Clean Air Day they dug deep to off set their own carbon footprint by digging deep and planting shrubs which will also go towards improving the air quality.

Future plans include planting trees in the wildlife garden.

Headteacher Stacey Postle said: "We started looking at how to make our roads clearer, encouraging walking to school and people not keeping their engines running when stopping."

The school boasts a scooter and bike rack to promote the joy of getting to school in more environmentally friendly ways.

Mrs Postle said: "All the children in the school took part in Clean Air Day and in the coming days will be also monitoring the air quality."

She added: "The children understand what their carbon footprint. By taking part in this, it shows them they can make a difference."

The school will be developing young people's understanding of the environment and how to look after their planet.

Zain Ali, aged seven, said:"The day is very important .We all know our planet is facing global warming and we are trying to make the world a better place.

"It's brilliant not having as not many cars outside of school. This is really important for our health."

Maddie Ali, also aged seven, said: "What we have done will help the environment and it will make it better for young people."

She said that she often walked to school or took part in park and stride, which means parking away from school and walking.