A MOTHER who lost four children in a house fire in Walkden has taken a turn for the worse in hospital, her mother has said.

Michelle Pearson is said to be in a critical condition ­— more than a year and a half on from the devastating arson attack at her family's home in Jackson Street back in December 2017.

Children Demi Pearson, aged 15, Brandon, aged eight, Lacie, aged seven, and Lia, aged three, all died in the attack while Michelle has been battling to recover after suffering severe injuries including serious burns.

Zak Bolland, 23, of Blackleach Drive, Walkden and David Worrall, aged 25, of Worsley Avenue, Walkden were both found guilty of murder last year.

Courtney Brierley, aged 20, of Worsley Avenue, Walkden was found guilty of manslaughter.

Michelle's mother, Sandra Lever, took to Facebook on Friday evening to let people know that her daughter's condition had worsened.

She said: "We have been reluctant to share Michelle's journey over the past few months as we have been focusing on getting her better.

"Also trying to keep away from the public eye to allow Michelle and the family to grieve.

"However, what people didn't know is that in fact this has been the most challenging time for Michelle and the family.

"Michelle's health has deteriorated in the past 10 weeks, Michelle is still in critical health and still remains in hospital until further notice."

Following the fire, Michelle spent months in a coma and did not learn of her children's deaths until months later.

Speaking on The Jeremy Kyle Show last October, her mother said that despite learning the tragic news when she woke from her coma, Michelle was in a state of denial for around six weeks.