NEWS that Bolton Council is to consider making it easier for households to get bigger bins has received a mixed response from the town’s residents.

Proposals to review the process of requesting 240-litre bins and tackle fly-tipping by looking at lowering the collection fee for bulky items were supported by all parties last week.

In the following days, householders raised issues regarding both the slim and bigger bins in addition to council recycling policies, refuse collections costs and frequency, and charges for new bins.

The decisions have been welcomed by some residents who hit out at the capacity of the slim bins and the difficulties they can cause for larger families.

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Commenting on the Bolton News website, Piesqueek said: “Bigger bins and three-weekly collection makes more sense and saves more money. Trouble is we’re stuck with a fleet of new slim bins.”

On Facebook, Dawn Foxcroft added: “As a household we recycle everything we are allowed to by the council and we still struggle with the “baby” bin.

“We are a three adult household so I don’t know how bigger families cope.”

However others suggested that there was no need to change policies around bigger bins.

NumeroUno said: “I think the small slim bins would be more than adequate if people recycled correctly and the council resumed weekly collections.

“People’s back yards aren’t big enough to accommodate all the large bins and as such we’d finish up with more left in back streets rotting and smelling for weeks on end.

“Return to weekly collections and let the public see something useful in return for the extortionate council tax we pay.”

People also raised issues with the types of material which can be currently recycled in Bolton, and called on this to be expanded.

Bikermad said: “The biggest issue is what cannot be recycled in Bolton.

“The only plastic bottles and no tops is just stupid. All plastic should be able to be recycled and that would reduce grey bin waste drastically.”