AT the last full meeting of the Council I raised the matter of Council support for foodbanks in Bolton. The new Conservative led Council is clearly looking at council budgets already so I thought it important to ask about Council support for foodbanks.

A Bolton News Special Report (May 15) informed us about the evidence that one in three children in Bolton are living in circumstances of poor homes where food and basic essentials are lacking.

I have heard from volunteers and staff about foodbank users who have not been able to use rice or pasta provision at times when they have lacked money for electricity or gas coin meters or payment cards.

That some foodbanks also provide top up cards for gas and electricity these days is superb. I had only recently heard here in Bolton from some volunteers and staff that some are avoiding taking Weetbix (variety of names at different stores) as the cereal takes up more milk than other cereals. Sometimes foodbank provision includes UHT milk.

The testimony we hear is important as it describes the real difficulties some people in the borough are having getting by.

There will be a variety of views. A recent Bolton News article seeks to question the testimony which I feel is not right. The debate should focus on fairness and social justice in terms of people’s income and circumstances and in terms of Council and partner anti poverty provision here in Bolton.

Cllr Sue Haworth

Harper Green Ward