A YOUNG mum was left fearing for her life after a huge rock shattered the windscreen of the car she was in.

Melissa Evans, 25, was sat in the front passenger seat of her friend's black Nissan Juke, as the pair drove past Moses Gate Country Park, in Hacken Bridge Road, in the early hours of Friday.

It was at this point that the car was hit by a rock and shards of glass flew into her eye.

She said: “The noise was absolutely horrendous. I thought I’d been shot.

“Glass just flooded the car and I was basically sat in a pool of glass. I was panicking and looking for blood. I had no idea what had happened and with the adrenaline I genuinely thought for a moment that I could have been shot.”

Miss Evans said police did not take the crime seriously enough.

She added: “We were waiting three and a half hours for them because they said it wasn’t life-threatening.

“If we’d been going a bit faster it could have killed me.”

Miss Evans later went to hospital with the glass in her eye and was told told cornea could potentially be damaged.

She said: “I don’t know how we’ve come away from it with just glass in my eye. I go on holiday next week and I’ve got to go back to the doctors before that to get my eye checked.”

Insp Nicola Williams of GMP’s Bolton district said: “With thousands of fewer officers across Greater Manchester, we have had to make changes to the way we work to meet the public’s need. Inevitably, we have to make difficult decisions when prioritising calls to provide the right service to those who need it most.

“On this occasion, there were numerous ongoing serious incidents that officers’ attendance was required at, including a high risk domestic incident and a priority call concerning a woman’s welfare.

“Those involved in this incident have since been contacted by the police and updated on the investigation.”