IT could have been the opening of a new art exhibition at The Tate judging by the interest and excitement on the night.

Art-lovers flocked to see the work of emerging artists who staged their first public show, which was hailed as a “tremendous success”.

The young artists, who all study their craft at St Peter’s CE Smithills Dean Primary School, were on hand to explain the finer detail of their works of art.

The school hall was transformed into a gallery space with artworks professionally exhibited, allowing visitors to enjoy browsing the pieces as they would in any professional art space.

Visitors enjoyed fizz ­— fizzy water ­— and biscuits as they looked at the work on display.

The primary school exhibited a piece of work from every child in the school, with each year group creating pieces based on a particular theme.

Some drew their inspiration from the art world’s greats, while others brought alive the Jurassic era through their paintings.

Many of the artists who inspired the works are being studied by the children.

A number of children are visiting The Lowry Gallery today to see the collection of paintings LS Lowry and to further their art studies.

Art co-ordinator Victoria Park said: “The opening was brilliant, parents came and other visitors, there was a real buzz.

"The children had a preview of the exhibition and they had such a look of excitement on their faces.

"The quality of the work was so high and it was so lovely for them to see their work exhibited.

"It is the first time we have staged an exhibition on this scale after the PTA came up with the idea."

Mrs Parks said the sale of the work was going well, with copies being ordered.

Reception children based their work on the theme of dinosaurs, Year One used their teddy bears as inspiration for their art works, Van Gough’s Sunflowers added colour to paintings by Year Two children, local artist Brian Barlow’s landscapes helped create some breathtaking drawings in Year Three, LS Lowry’s famed works helped to fire imagination of Year Four pupils, the stunning New York skyline captured the interest of Year Five pupils and Year Six took a page out of Roy Lichtenstein book to create colourful pop art.