A £35 million investment in the bus network across Greater Manchester has been rubber stamped.

Andy Scholey, the newly appointed managing director for operations at bus company, First, made the announcement at a special stakeholder's event.

He said the cash would be pumped into the service irrespective of any decision the Government makes on a bid for cash by the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority (GMPTA).

The GMPTA has submitted a bid to the Department for Transport, for funding to help it develop and introduce plans to combat traffic congestion in Manchester.

The bid involves a major investment in public transport and a Greater Manchester congestion charging scheme, which would target the most congested routes at their busiest times. First will introduce 200 new buses in a number of phases, starting in 2008.

Mr Scholey said: "As the new MD in Manchester, a core part of my mission is to continue building on the highly successful partnerships that are already delivering service improvements for customers across the county. The fleet renewal programme is key in this and therefore these new double deck buses will come to Manchester whatever the outcome of the bid.