A FORMER police officer has been jailed after admitting assaulting an ex-partner.

Manchester Crown Court heard how Jhangir Rasul left her terrified during a 10 year 'dysfunctional' and violent relationship.

Michael Brady, prosecuting, told how Rasul, aged 40, of Pleasant Gardens, Bolton, attacked the woman in her own Cheetham Hill home, assaulting her between April 17 and 25 and then again on April 26.

In the first attack he hit the woman's head against a staircase and door.

Furious Rasul then scratched at her eyes and smashed her head on the floor before stamping on it several times and screaming at her.

But Rasul, who also has a wife with whom he has four children, told his partner that she could only go to hospital if she lied about how she got her injuries.

In a second attack on April 26 he demanded she hand over some money, threatened to throw acid in the her face told her he would get his friends to sexually assault her.

Holding a knife, he told the frightened woman that he was going to kill her. The woman waited until Rasul finally went to sleep before fleeing the house and she called the police the next day.

When arrested Rasul tried to claim she had been the dominant one in the relationship. But in a statement read out in court the woman said he had bullied her and left her living in fear.

Judge Michael Leeming jailed Rasul for 26 weeks and made a restraining order banning him from contacting his victim.