AN APPEAL court has ordered a burglar who attacked a man in his own home to be jailed, ruling the community sentence he originally received was too lenient.

Anthony Fearn attacked victim John Edwards in his home in Broad Walk, Westhoughton on August 6 last year, fracturing his cheekbone.

Fearn had gone to the address demanding cash he said was owed to his girlfriend, who was said to have worked as a prostitute.

When he refused to hand over money Fearn and another man forced their way into the property and stole his television and £90 while Fearn assaulted Mr Edwards.

Fearn, aged 34, of Glebe Street, Westhoughton, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm and burglary.

At Bolton Crown Court in April Judge Richard Gioserano sentenced drug addict Fearn to a community order for two years and ordered him to do 150 hours of unpaid work.

The burglar had spent six months in custody while awaiting sentence.

At the time Judge Gioserano told him: “On that night you did not go out to commit any offence at all, just to get the money you believed you were owed.

“You clearly went about that the wrong way trying to get the money from his home.”

But the Solicitor General decided the sentence was “unduly lenient” and referred the case to the Court of Appeal.

Senior judges agreed and increased Fearn’s sentence to two years and 146 days in jail.

Speaking after the hearing the Solicitor General, Lucy Frazer QC MP, said: “The offender had already benefited from three sentences aimed at treating his addiction, which were not enough to stop him reoffending.

“The Court of Appeal agreed that an immediate custodial sentence was correct in this instance.”

At the original sentencing hearing Katie Jones, prosecuting, told how Fearn had accused Mr Edwards of not paying for his girlfriend, Laura Ord’s services.

Miss Jones said Mr Edwards had previously been woken at 2.30am by Laura Ord, shouting outside his home.

“At the time Laura Ord was working as a prostitute and Mr Edwards had been one of her clients,” she said.

Later Fearn and another man turned up at the property and Mr Edwards went out to talk to them.

“Whether or not Mr Edwards did, in fact, owe Laura Ord money as part of a professional arrangement, it turned into the commission of this offence,” said Miss Jones.

The two men pushed their way into the property, the second man ripped out wires from a large television and stole it and Fearn took £90 in cash.

“Mr Edwards was struck by the defendant, fracturing his left cheek bone,” said Miss Jones.

During the incident police were called and arrested Fearn, who initially denied he had been at the property.

Mr Edwards went to hospital a few days later but refused surgery.

Fearn pleaded guilty to burglary and causing grievous bodily harm to Mr Edwards on the day his trial was due to start.