A GARDEN shed was completely destroyed in an arson attack.

The fire started just before 7pm on Friday and it spread to the outside of two houses in Harvest Park.

Windows, extractor vents and fascias were fire damaged but no one was injured.

A neighbour told the owner of the shed and alerted the police.

She said: "I banged on their door to tell them.

"They have kids in there so it was important to get them out.

"When I first saw it, it was just smoke but after that it just went completely up in flames."

Police also attended and the incident is being treated as arson.

Jason Riding, watch manager at Bolton Central Community Fire Station said: "We were called to a garden shed fire between two properties in Harvest Park at 6.55pm on Friday.

"The fire then caught to both houses, causing damage to the ground floor windows, extractor vent and the fascias on the gable end of both properties.

"The residents were alerted by a neighbour who knocked on the door. Smoke alarms didn't go off due to the smoke not filtering through to the properties.

"We had fire investigation down to investigate the scene and we determined that it was a deliberate ignition. Police were in attendance as well and they're looking at that.

"Initially there were three fire engines, after an hour we reduced it to one and that last engine left at about 8.45pm." "No one was injured."

Mohammed Wadud, the owner of the shed, added: "No one has a clue how it started.

"The house is fine and everyone is fine."