A TOTAL of 63 households in Deane are currently without power due to a power cut.

It was reported at 18.46 today but Electricity North West have said power will not return until shortly before 1am on Sunday.

They have not yet revealed the cause of the power cut.

A spokesman advised those affected to take a number of precautions to minimise the effects as much as possible.

Switch off all electrical appliances that are not designed to run unattended, for example: cookers, grills, chip pans, hair straighteners and electric fires.

In case power is restored before the 00.47am estimate, leave one light on so you know when the electricity is back on.

A big concern for residents will be food kept in freezers.

However, Electricity North West explained that as long as fridge freezer doors are kept closed, chilled and frozen food should last for several hours.

It is also a good idea to cover the freezer with blankets as this will give extra insulation, but refer to your manufacturers guidance for more information.

As darkness falls, there is a potential for danger if candles are used. Ensure they are properly extinguished before you go to bed, especially if you have been drinking alcohol during a Saturday night barbecue.

Tropical fish or reptiles should be ok for a couple of hours without power. After this you may need to unplug your filters to stop toxins entering the water.

Cover the tank with a blanket to keep the heat in and if oxygen is needed take a small cup of the tank water and pour it back in or make a figure of eight in the water.