QUICK thinking Bolton News staff rescued a bird from certain death.

Reporter Neil Brandwood and photographer Gus Sivyer had just left the newspaper building on Sunday afternoon when they spotted a magpie pecking at what they assumed was a dead pigeon.

But when the magpie took a break, they noticed that the poor pigeon was still alive.

"I immediately scared the magpie off and encouraged the wounded pigeon to totter under the scaffolding barriers so I could pick it up," said Neil.

"There was no way we could leave the poor thing to be killed by the murderous magpie."

Once inside our offices they contacted placed the injured bird in a box and phoned Bolton charitable crganisation Every Feather Bird and Wildlife Rescue..

Founder Steph Williams, drove from its base in Over Hulton to collect the bird.

She explained: "It was obviously suffering from canker, which is a growth in the throat that affects eating and breathing. It would have weakened the bird, which probably had stopped for a rest, and that's when tyhe magpie tried to kill and eat it."

The pigeon - which Steph named Ben after the newspaper's former title - also suffered a damage wing.

Steph kindly agreed to take it home, medicate it and look after it while it convalesces, "It should be well enough to release in about a week," she said.

Steph set up the charity in 2011 after rescuing an injured pigeon in Bolton town centre.

"It was near the Fred Dibnah statue abnd people were just walking past and ignoring it so I picked it up.

"Unfortunately, it had to be put down by the vet who we took it to.

"I found this really upsetting so that's why I decided there and then to do something to help injured animals."

Apart from devoting her frree time to rescuing and caring forb animals, kind-hearted Steph somehow manages to hold down a full-time job as a legal secretary in Manchester.

She funds Every Feather out of her own pocket but is also grateful for any donations from the public.

"I'd like to let people know we will be having a table-top sale on July 20 selling hand-made bird boxes, bat boxers and bird feeders to raise funds."

Ifr you would like to support Steph's work, or find out more about the organisation, please call 07899031447