POLICE were kept busy on Bolton's streets overnight as they dealt with a number of crimes.

At around 2.30am officers reported responding to reports of thieves in Bridgeman Street saw a red Vauxhall Astra attempting to make off from the scene.

They boxed in the car but the driver made off into a nearby park.

After searching the vehicle the officers reported finding a number of power tools, which they believe to be stolen.

Officers eventually managed to apprehend the driver, who also failed a drug test, and arrested them on suspicion of theft and driving offences.

GMP Traffic tweeted: "Reports of Thieves on Bridgeman St Bolton.

"This Astra attempts to make off and is boxed in. Driver makes off into park and is arrested.

"In rear of car quantity of power tools believed to be stolen. Driver also fails drug test. Arrested sus theft and driving offences."

A few minutes later a police traffic patrol reported spotting a silver Vauxhall Vectra in Deane Road.

Officers pursued the car through Bolton towards Chorley Old Road, where the Vauxhall crashed into a vehicle parked off Oxford Grove.

The driver then fled on foot but was detained by officers after a chase.

They also failed a drug test and were disqualified from driving, police say.

A second GMP Traffic tweet added: "Vectra sighted on Deane road FTS for traffic patrol and is pursued through Bolton towards Chorley Old Road where it collides with parked vehicle off Oxford Grove.

"Driver is detained after footchase. found to be Disq and... Also fails drug test."