A WINNER of a £4 million scratchcard jackpot says the backlash from the public is ruining his life.

Jon-Ross Watson has named money "the root of all evil", saying he has been depressed since he won £4 million on a scratchcard in April.

Mr Watson along with his friend Mark Goodram, found themselves at the centre of a public debate, after buying a winning ticket in a Waitrose store in south London during a trip to the capital on Easter Monday.

After attempting to cash it in, the duo's criminal history came to light, prompting an investigation by Camelot — the provider behind the £10 National Lottery scratchcard — and a wave of "negative" attention from the public, according to one of the winners.

Mr Watson says the reaction to his win means he can no longer go out in public, though it has not stopped him chasing the money.

He said: "I have been having a lot of trouble.

"In a way, it has ruined my life.

"People have been calling me a scumbag and laughing at me.

"I am just depressed all the time. I can't go to Bolton anymore, everywhere I go people laugh at me."

The friends are both convicted criminals. Mr Watson has a litany of burglary convictions and has appeared in The Bolton News’ ‘Most Wanted’ lists a number of times, including in July 2017 for failing to appear in court regarding an offence of burglary.

Since Mr Watson and Mr Goodram's win, Camelot has taken the approach that the funds used to buy the ticket did not belong to the pair, neither of whom have bank accounts, and said the company will not be paying out.

Mr Watson still believes that he should get the £4 million, however.

He said: "The money is the root of all evil but I don't want to be robbed of £4 million."

But Mr Watson says that the attention he has been getting is pushing him to the edge.

"It's just negative comments. People are talking in the street about me, they're laughing at me," said Mr Watson.

"They say "how does it feel winning and losing it all" or they say that I've ruined it all."

"All over Facebook, people are saying I'm a loser, I'm a scumbag or I'm scum of the Earth. People are calling me all the words under the sun.

"It's the public's view of me, all because of my criminal past. It does upset me."

Mr Goodram and Mr Watson had previously told The Sun newspaper that the card belonged to a friend called John — but could not provide his surname, address or phone number.

In the wake of the controversy over their win, Mr Watson and Mr Goodram did not refrain from celebrating.

The pair were pictured drinking champagne and cocktails, with Mr Goodram telling The Sun he would spend his potential winnings on luxury properties.

But once the friends learned that they would be refused their winnings, they launched a bid to sue the lottery provider, with a barrister saying "they are starving" with no money.