AS end of term gifts to teachers go ­— this one certainly takes some beating!

For students and parents went all out to show how much teachers at Sharples High School are appreciated and loved.

The Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) organised a surprise "Teacher Appreciation Day".

The PTA brought in chefs, a masseuse and musicians for them to enjoy a lunchtime treat ­— but even more than that every teacher got a special note written by pupils thanking them for their work and a rose.

And not surprisingly there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Farida Raham, who is now the chair of the PTA, said: "The reason we organised this is that the staff at Sharples are just so amazing.

"They really do go above and beyond for their students. The hours they put in after school, at weekends and at during holidays holding revision sessions for the children. We wanted to show how appreciated they are­— they are unsung heroes and their enthusiasm passes on to the children."

Staff thought they had been called in for an early morning briefing when the surprise was sprung on them.

Farida's daughter, Imaan Mostafa, who has just sat her GCSEs helped to get pupils to write individual notes to teachers and gave a special presentation on the day.

Farida said: "She told teachers what an impact they had had on their pupils starting them of their journeys and for helping to make them 'who they are'."

During the presentation, each teacher was handed a rose and had a chance to read the handwritten notes.

"It was quite emotional," said Farida, "One teacher came up to me and said she had never had experienced anything like this in her 30 years of teaching.

"You could see teachers wiping away tears."

After the surprise briefing, teachers were invited back to enjoy a lunchtime of specially prepared food just for them, complete with entertainment provided by new local businesses. Teachers said they had an "amazing day".