A HOUSE is set to be converted into shared accommodation for eight people despite councillors voting against the move earlier this year.

The application for a six-bedroom house in multiple occupation (HMO) was thrown out by the planning committee in March but the decision has been successfully overturned on appeal.

Councillors refused permission for the plans because it would not provide satisfactory living conditions for future occupiers, particularly relating to outdoor amenity space.

They were also concerned about the impact the development would have on vehicle parking and highway safety.

Government inspector Gary Deane issued the decision to allow the development to go ahead on Friday.

He said: "From what I observed, the rear garden would provide sufficient space for day-to-day activities such as drying clothes and sitting out within what would be a pleasant enclosed outdoor amenity area. Easy access would also be provided to the storage areas for bins and cycles.

"In my experience, these characteristics are broadly consistent with a HMO and are not typically associated with self-contained residential accommodation. Overall, I am satisfied that the proposal would provide satisfactory living conditions for future residents with regard to external amenity space."

Mr Deane also said that there is no "convincing evidence" that the use of the property as an eight-person HMO would necessarily generate significantly more traffic or add to the demand for on-street parking.

Farnworth and Kearsley First councillor Maureen Flitcroft has opposed many HMOs in the past, but did not speak against this particular proposal.

She said: "This appeal that has been won by the developer, does not change the internal layout of the building and in effect only gives permission for an extra two people to live at the address, totalling eight people.

"Although this application for was refused by Bolton Council's planning committee, it was recognised by committee that the conversion was of a high standard. HMO's do have somewhat of a bad reputation, with good cause in some cases, I hope that this one will dispel that."