FIRE crews have issued a warning and safety advice after being called to a pan of food ablaze.

An elderly woman had left her food unattended on the kitchen hob at her home in Ferndown Road, Harwood.

Firefighters from Bolton North station were called to the property at about 8.30pm yesterday after a care alarm system alerted the emergency services.

An ambulance attended and the woman, aged 88, was given precautionary checks by paramedics.

Crews have urged members of the public to ensure they have fully working smoke alarms fitted, and have warned against leaving food that is cooking unattended.

Craig Cubbins, watch manager at Bolton North, said: "We want to remind people not to leave their cooking unattended. We see this happening quite often and it can lead to very serious consequences.

"Thankfully this woman was okay. The elderly lady had forgotten her cooking, leaving it on the oven hob.

"The fire completely spoiled her dinner and also created a large amount of smoke in the kitchen."

He added: "We would also like to remind people of the importance of having working smoke alarms."