A LOOKING Back story in last week's Bolton News about teenager Elizabeth Williams who saved seven-year-old Ruth Dobson from a blazing house in 1976 got us wondering about other child heroes who were recognised for their courage.

One of them was Tony Killeen who saved FOUR children who he was baby-sitting for.

The shy 13-year-old schoolboy, of Shaw Street, was looking after his niece, Linda (6), and nephews Michael (5), Tony (4) and David (3) one night in February 1961.

He and Linda fell asleep downstairs after the television programmes had ended, leaving the television set on. Meanwhile, fast asleep upstairs were his nephews.

At about 12.25am, he awoke to find that the television was on fire. He immediately led Linda to the backyard and then went upstairs.

First, he brought down the two elder boys.

When he returned to look for David the fuses had blown and he had to search for him in the dark.

He said: "I knew I had a job to do and I did it. I was very sacred at the time."

Later that year Tony, a pupil at English Martyrs RC School, received a Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct from Lord Derby at Knowsley Hall, near Liverpool.

Tony's father, John, said: "We are very proud of him indeed. This is a great day for us."

English Martyrs RC School seemingly had courage on the curriculum because six years later another pupil saved a life.

Jospeh Cunnif (12), was on his way home from school when he heard screams and shouts from a lodge behind the Dean House block of flats.

He dashed to the Vantona Mill lodge and saw his young friend, Tony Cleer, in the water.

"He kept going under," said Joseph. "I stood on the bank, grabbed hold of him and pulled him to the side.

Tony was taken home and soon recovered from his ordeal.

Amusingly, Joseph's mum thought her son was fibbing.

"He has a vivid imagination and we didn't believe him until Tony's mother came across to thank him. She was very grateful.

"I had no idea he was going to get a letter of commendation for rescuing him. We are very proud," she said after the Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society sent him a letter of commendation.