TEENAGER Angela Jarvis hit the Bolton Evening headlines back in 1986 with her then innovative new business.

Angela, 19, of Newbury Road, Little Lever, had set herself up in business as the North of England’s first animal psychologist.

The service she offered was to help people with their pets, based on her knowledge of animals gained over a long period.

She would, for instance, help a new owner to house train a puppy.

In addition, Angela was happy to advise on what to do if a family pet insisted on attacking the furniture.

She also took dogs out for exercise for owners who were unfit or otherwise unable to do the job themselves.

She knew what she was talking about having had plenty of experience with her own Basset hound, a cat, two chinchillas and two dalmatians.

And apart from her brother, she had to do it all herself because her parents lived in Hong Kong.