A PAIR of paramedics who helped to deliver a baby in an ambulance have been given a special reward.

Jaroslaw Wierzycki and Mark Smyth will be given branded stork pin badges to wear with their uniforms as a way of showing their achievement.

The pins will be offered to any ambulance staff who have delivered a baby, but the duo are among the first to receive them.

Sarah Morley, communications manager for the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS), said: “As an ambulance service, our staff spend a lot of time helping people in the worst moments of their lives but in the event of a birth, it’s a rare opportunity for them to play a part in the happiest and we thought that it is something we should recognise.

“There’s always a buzz around the control room or ambulance station when a baby has been born and it’s an extremely proud moment for our staff to be involved in.”

Nine nominations have been received in just nine days since the scheme launched.