THE Prime Minister praised Bolton's "cross-party" working to achieve the best for the borough.

In today's Prime Minister's Questions, Bolton West MP Chris Green said: "Cross-party work can be immensely beneficial, especially when delivering on the people’s priorities. Does my right honourable friend agree that an excellent example is Farnworth and Kearsley First’s work with the Bolton Council leadership—which is now Conservative—to win an award for a future high streets fund? We can all agree that our high streets are the keystone of our local communities"

Farnworth has been chosen as one of only 50 areas across the country to go through to the second phase of the Future High Streets Fund, a multi-million pound pot of cash set up to make high streets fit for the future.

PM Theresa May replied: "My honourable friend makes an absolutely excellent point. What we have seen in the example that he has cited is the benefit of cross-party working. This can be immensely good—immensely positive—for local communities. I am delighted to hear that Bolton Council’s bid for Farnworth town centre has been successful in progressing to the next phase of the future high streets fund. My honourable friend is right: we believe in our high streets—that is why we have created the high streets fund. This cross-party working by Conservative-led Bolton Council has shown what can be achieved."