A GRAPHIC designer is raising money for Bolton Mountain Rescue through t-shirts and mugs which highlight the beauty of Rivington.

Jim Turner created his vintage 'Riviarea' artwork for the products.

The play on words reflected the stunning views around Rivington - highlighted nationally and internationally when the UK Ironman’s cycle event was first held there and it became known as 'the Northern Riviera'.

Jim said: "I think everyone was shocked at the severity of the fires on Winter Hill last year and could not help but be impressed by the commitment shown by the fire services and other agencies.

"The time and effort given by Bolton Mountain Rescue Team around the clock was to be admired.

"I felt I wanted to support them in some way and these new Riviarea themed products seemed an appropriate vehicle to do this by way of donating a percentage of the sales.”

Jim has been working as a graphic designer in Bolton for a number of years.

After qualifying at Bolton College of Art and Design, he worked in advertising in Manchester before joining Fort Sterling in Horwich as in-house designer.

Although he enjoyed this work, Jim decided to become a freelance and launched his own company JKT Graphic Design. His work now involves everything from web and logo design to brochures and leaflets.

Away from his day job, Jim has always been interested in vintage design and wanted to have a website selling classic vintage images on t-shirts.

Now he has launched www.phaffs.co.uk featuring subjects including classic travel and destinations, iconic movie starts, retro fashion and cars.

"Some of the designs are my own and some are images free of copyright but with my own embellishments added. In time, I intend to offer more designs and to add a more comprehensive range of product type," he added.

In the meantime, he is busy selling the Riviarea t-shirts at £18 each and mugs for £7 through his new website to showcase his work and to raise cash to help the ongoing work of Bolton Mountain Rescue.