SHOCKING CCTV footage shows the moment a car flipped onto its roof and rolled across a road after colliding with a parked vehicle.

The crash in Church Street, Ainsworth, caused the moving car to flip onto its roof and roll twice across the other side of the carriageway. Resident Joanne Riu's parked vehicle was shunted backwards across the pavement.

Mrs Riu, aged 35, was stood in the driveway with her two children, aged two and four, at the time of the crash, and says she "can't think about what might have happened."

"It is horrendous", she said. "There was a loud bang. I was just shocked. I was unloading shopping from our second family car at the time. If we had been using the other car, we would have been wiped out."

An ambulance and police were called to the scene at about 4.45pm yesterday. North West Ambulance Service paramedics assessed a male, who is understood to be the driver, at the scene. He was not taken to hospital.

The driver, who is believed to be in his mid-20s, managed to get out of his vehicle.

Mrs Riu posted about the incident on the Ainsworth Village Notice Board Facebook page: "I am absolutely devastated. I had my car completely wiped out.

"It would have been a completely different story had I been putting the kids in the car! Just glad no one was injured and that the driver is okay too."

Her damaged silver Citroën C3 — affectionately named Violet Rose — has been written off. Mrs Riu, who owns Ainsworth's award-winning Italian restaurant Casalingo, has had the vehicle for seven years and described it as her "pride and joy."

She said: "Violet Rose was the best car in the world to me and has always been so reliable. It passes its MOT first time. My kids are gutted. We are now on the look out for a new car."

Church Street is the main through-road for vehicles entering and leaving the village, and is currently the focus of a petition calling for action against speeding.

Members of Ainsworth Community Association and local residents have applied for a petition to go live on Bury Council's website, calling for a traffic survey and speed calming measures.

Mrs Riu said: "I will be contacting the council and demanding something is done. I would like speed cameras installed.

"Just thanking my lucky stars we weren’t in the car or no one else was injured. Things need to change in Church Street."

The Bolton News has contacted Greater Manchester Police.