GREATER Manchester Police have caught 21 motorists travelling at more than 100mph in each of the last two years.

They including one driver hitting 105 on the A666 on the 50 limit stretch of St Peter’s Way through Bolton in 2018.

The figures, obtained by road safety charity Brake, have shocked local MPs Sir David Crausby and Chris Green.

The five highest speeds recorded in the city region are 125 mph in a 40 zone on the A34 in Stockport, 119mph in a 30 zone on the A6 in Stockport, 118mph on the M60,114 on the M62 and the A666 115mph.

Bolton has seen several horrific high speed crashes including two on Darwen Road, Bromley Cross, in 2015 and 2017. 1

Bolton North-East MP Sir David said: “These are incredible speeds. 115mph is Formula One pace to me. What I find particularly shocking is the driver on the A666. This has never been the safest road and there have been some horrific accidents on it which is why the speed limit was lowered to 50mph. Drivers need to take note of speed limits and the police need to catch and prosecute those caught doing these dangerous speeds on Greater Manchester’s roads.”

Bolton West MP Mr Green said: “It’s wrong that people speed at 100mph on the motorway, but it’s appalling that people are driving at such a speed on our local roads.

“Everyone has an obligation to drive responsibly.Some people might think that driving at an excessive speed is just a bit of fun, but there are devastating consequences if something goes wrong.”

GMP's Inspector Paul Rowe said: "The speeds that have been mentioned are simply dangerous. Such drivers may feel that they have complete control and are safe, however,should the driver hit another road user or vehicle at these speeds, there is a very high probability that this will end in a fatality.”