A CANNABIS farmer, who tried to claim he was growing tomatoes when police discovered the plants, has been ordered to pay more than £200 after his crime.

Jordan Sheridan, 25, was ordered to pay £250 after police discovered cannabis plants in his bedroom.

The money is being taken in accordance with the Proceeds of Crime Act, claiming back money he has made from his offences.

Prosecution barrister Stella Massey also called for the forfeit and destruction of the 26 plants uncovered, which Judge Graeme Smith allowed at Bolton Crown Court yesterday.

Police called at Sheridan’s Crompton Street, Farnworth, home at 9pm on April 29 last year on an unrelated matter.

While there they spotted the door to the main bedroom sealed off with insulation film.

Inside were 26 pots of small cannabis plants, together with lighting, an extractor fan, ventilation equipment and chemicals. The judge heard that the plants would produce a significant amount of cannabis.

“The defendant claimed that he was growing tomatoes,” said Craig MacGregor, who was prosecuting at Sheridan's trial.

He added that the room contained an “expert and not inexpensive set-up”.

Sheridan was jailed for 16 months in March this year and will pay the money back over three months upon his release.