After reading your item about patients' experiences with medical appointments and the satisfaction survey, I felt compelled to write about my recent experience at the Royal Bolton Hospital.

I was referred urgently for an appointment and had to cancel another appointment elsewhere to attend.

My appointment was for 4.30 pm.

I duly arrived at 4.20pm and booked in at reception.

There was only one other person waiting who went in almost immediately.

He wasn't in long so I naturally thought I wasn't going to be waiting much longer.

The time ticked by, with only myself left in the waiting room, and when it eventually got to 5pm I went to the reception desk and asked if she had notified the necessary staff that I had arrived earlier. She said they were aware that I was waiting. Another 15 minutes passed and still no one appeared.

Ten minutes later an assistant appeared and collected up jugs and glasses which had been left by previous patients which she then proceeded to wash.

After another ten minutes the same assistant reappeared carrying a clipboard and some notes and proceeded, in a most officious manner, to walk up and down the corridor loudly calling my name, even though I was the only person there.

I eventually managed to get in for the appointment after waiting for more than an hour.

I realise that sometimes you do have to wait if appointments are running late but there was obviously no one else waiting so I couldn't see any reason for the delay.

Also, the attitude of the staff wasn't very good, no apology for the delay and a seemingly couldn't-care-less attitude.

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