COUNCILLORS in the Harper Green ward have called on more measures to tackle speeding and dangerous driving, following a spate of incidents in the area.

Cllr Sue Haworth highlighted Bradford Road, Harper Green Road and Lever Edge Lane as particular problem areas and said that the issues is some of the most frequently raised by local residents.

Earlier this month, two teenagers were taken to hospital with major head trauma, following a crash involving three cars in Bradford Road.

It follows a serious crash in Harper Green Road in February.

Cllr Haworth said: "Residents dislike the disruptive noise of speeding vehicles and off road bikes at all hours.

“There are accidents on the roads and people are concerned for members of their family including their children. The overwhelming call from residents is for speed cameras and these are organised by the police.

“Speed cameras specifically target offenders which is why residents want them.

"However, there are chicanes in Anchor Lane that do work to cut down speeding. Many argue that speed bumps are not working. I am also hearing that some enjoy driving fast at the driver awareness signs that flash the speed as they like to ratchet up the numbers.”

Bolton Council's Executive Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, Cllr Stuart Haslam said: "I'm very keen on road safety. Any accident is one too many and the one on Bradford Road looked terrible.

"Resources are limited but any measures than reasonably taken will be, and any funds will be used to the best of my abilities."

On Friday, the government's Department for Transport announced their brand new road safety action plan, to help reduce the number of road deaths. The 74-point plan includes suggestions such as penalty points for not wearing seatbelts.

Cllr Haworth has called on the government to provide more resources for traffic policing in Bolton, in order for the action plan to be successfully implemented.

She added: “Harper Green councillors have been strongly against the police cuts here that have been inflicted on Bolton by the Conservative government.

"It has been starkly obvious that traffic policing has terrifically suffered in the cuts because of other matters the public expect the police to be available for.

"It is all very well the government publishing this Road Safety Action Plan but until the government provide some resources for the policing of our roads here, how can residents, have confidence that speeding drivers will be tackled in any way on the streets of Harper Green?”