A DELIGHTED Bolton West MP Chris Green has vowed to ensure new Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers more police officers and schools cash for the town.

The Tory backbencher said: "Boris as leader is the best choice.

"I am 100 per cent certain he will deliver Brexit by the end of October which is what the people of Bolton voted for.

"After that the biggest issue for people in the town is law and order.

"Boris has promised 20,000 extra police and I will lobby him to make sure that Greater Manchester and Bolton get their fair share of those new officers.

"He has also promised extra funding for education. I will ensure that some of that money goes to Bolton's primary and secondary schools.

"This is what the town's parents and teachers want to see.

"I have spoken to him about both those issues and I am delighted to see him making a priority of these things which matter to my constituents."

Bolton North-East Labour MP David Crausby said: "The first thing Boris has to deliver on is Brexit but he doesn't have magic wand.

"I don't expect him to do any better than Theresa May. If it's a no-deal Brexit, it will be an economic disaster and there will be less money for schools and police in Bolton not more."