Now that our new Prime Minister is Boris Johnson Age UK have been asking, what will this mean for the campaign to save free TV licences?

For a great many older people living alone the television set is their major source of company.

Recently Mr Johnson was presented with several letters from campaigners at Conservative Campaign Headquarters under the full glare of the media.

Age UK have released a letter from 20 celebrities including Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Lenny Henry, Len Goodman. Their letter calls on Boris Johnson to take back responsibility for funding the concession free TV licences for older people - just as the government did before.

While Boris Johnson has made positive noises on solving other problems faced by older people, he hasn’t responded formally yet.

Age UK and other organisations are determined to keep up the pressure. With a 600,000 strong signature petition due to be handed in to 10 Downing Street, people will be wanting to see how the new prime minister responds.

Similarly people will want to see if our schools, colleges, hospitals, policing, social care and other key areas will get the funding they so desperately need after nine years of Conservative cuts and austerity. With Boris Johnson in number ten he will now be firmly under the public spotlight. It is up to each and every one of us, to hold him to account.

Joan Pritchard-Jones