A CAMPAIGN to improve the signs for disabled facilities such as public toilets and parking bays to help those with invisible conditions has been backed by Bolton MP Yasmin Qureshi.

The ‘#AnyDisability’ drive calls for new signage showing that not all disabilities are visible or relate to mobility.

It follows research by charity Chrohn’s and Colitis UK which found that most people would challenge somebody using a disabled toilet whose disability was not clear.

Bolton South-East MP Ms Qureshi said: "It is important we realise not all disabilities are visible.

"I sincerely hope these signs become widespread across the UK, and we start to challenge the idea that only use of a wheelchair can define disability.

"People with all disabilities should feel comfortable to use accessible features society has put into place.

" I want to change the stigma around disabled parking or toilets for people who need have a medical need despite not having a transparent disability."