ON Wednesday whilst watching Prime Minister’s Question Time the outgoing Prime Minister, Teresa May, made a dishonourable remark to the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition.

Who leads the Opposition has nothing to do with the Prime Minister but she insisted on making a snide remark.

It was a cheap shot and showed just how shallow she really is, but it got a cheer from the backbenches which is what it was designed to do. It was obviously scripted and that’s what I expect from politicians these days.

However, what I was disgusted at was the fact that, when it became his turn to ask a question of the Prime Minister, the Labour MP for Dudley endorsed her remark before asking his question.

Before answering his question she thanked him for agreeing with her previous remark and also for his support for Israel.

I thought that this showed the conspiracy within Parliament and the link between the Israeli government and the campaign within Parliament against Jeremy Corbyn.

The Prime Minister makes a comment about the Leader of the Opposition which is then picked up by a supporter of the Israeli government in the Labour party.

This is an appalling situation; I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This MP should be ashamed of himself.

Prime Minister’s Question Time is not a place for such conspiracies.

I have no doubt that by raising this I will no longer be a member of the Labour Party as they will deem this to be anti-Semitic.

It is nothing of the kind but I do feel that when conspiracies theories abound and everyone is complaining about Russia they should look nearer to home.

I believe in a two state solution to the to the Middle East problem and I believe that Great Britain should recognise Palestine as a sovereign state but obviously Israel does not want this.

They are frightened of Jeremy Corbyn because he recognises Palestine as a state and the last thing Israel wants is the recognition of Palestine.

The atrocities taking place in Israel against the Palestinians are a disgrace.

I do not condone the Palestinians for what they are doing — the United Nations can pass any motions they want but Israel will continue to totally disregard them.

It is time Israel accepted the United Nations resolutions and it is time that all Labour Party MPs recognised Palestine as a sovereign state.

If the MP for Dudley cannot accept this it’s time that he resigned and stood down as his behaviour in the house on Wednesday, July 24 was nothing short of a disgrace.

Ian Greenhalgh

Smithills, Bolton