A MUM OF FOUR is creating ‘medical alert’ seat belt covers that could save people’s lives.

Cheryl Lally, 38, began making the customised accessories for her company Bear in Mind Keepsakes, with important medical information about people’s blood types or health conditions.

One of her designs reads: “I have Epilepsy, call 999 if I seizure. I also have ADHD and I will be very anxious in the event of an accident.”

The inspiration came after a Facebook friend asked her to make a personal cover with her blood type on it, and, from sharing it on her social media page, Cheryl says she’s now gaining a lot of interest.

She said: “Accidents happen and when they do, my medical alert seat belt covers can save valuable time by providing our emergency services with important information.

“They can be completely customised and can include up to three lines of medical information about the passenger that you feel necessary. Everyone should have one of these seat belt covers.”

As a foster carer, Cheryl began by making different keepsakes for the children to take with them when they moved on to their forever homes.

Inspiration also came from two of her children, who volunteer for Breaking Barriers North West, a charity that supports families and young people with disabilities.

Cheryl now hopes that her newest designs will benefit the emergency services in situations where someone with a health condition is involved in an accident.

She anticipates that the covers will be an effective way of making the emergency services aware of the passengers medical conditions right from the start, helping them with their treatment.

The creative idea has began gathering lots of interest on her social media page, with one comment reading: “It’s such an excellent idea. Hopefully these could potentially save someone’s life.”

Another comment said: “I love the idea. I recently ordered one for my daughter who has a learning disability and blood clotting disorder. She wouldn’t be able to tell a paramedic either of these things in an emergency.”

Cheryl is planning to take the creation to her next event at Radcliffe Market on August 4, to get people on board in taking steps towards saving people’s lives.

To purchase one of Cheryl’s designs contact her on 07817 725176 or visit bareinmindkeepsakes.weebly.com