WHILE I think many people will be relieved that the old Briarfield pub which has become a dilapidated eyesore will be going, there will be some concern about the effects on traffic and parking if permission for the building of a mosque is given.

The actual site of Briarfield is not that large to accommodate a significant sized mosque and allow for adequate parking to accommodate the numbers attending.

A mosque and community centre will attract a significant number of people, many of whom will be in cars.

It is very important that planners take this fact into account when making a decision. Blackburn Road is already an extremely busy road with restricted on road parking which will force mosque attendees to park on the residential streets around if there are not adequate parking facilities on site.

These streets are already full of residents cars and it is not difficult to forsee real problems with residents and congested streets.

There is no guarantee that people will walk to the proposed facility so it is vital that realistic adequate on-site parking is a requirement of any future planning application.

Sharron Howard

Buckley Lane