A SON who wanted to extend a pair of semi-detached houses for his elderly parents and growing family has been refused planning permission.

Abid Khan applied for front, side and rear extensions at two properties in Prestwood Road.

This comes after his father suffered a heart attack and his mother was diagnosed with chronic advanced osteoarthritis which means she cannot climb the stairs.

Mr Khan wanted to provide his parents with a downstairs bedroom and accessible facilities.

But town planners told him that the extensions, which would block the main windows of neighbouring properties, were "excessively large".

He said: "I have presented 100 images to Bolton Council where you’ve got images of extensions in that estate. These properties are the smallest compared to every other extension that has been granted in this estate."

Mr Khan, who lives at number 12 with his wife, eight-year-old son and four-year-old daughter, said the two houses would remain as individual properties.

Together with his parents, number 14 will also be occupied by his younger brother, whose wife is expecting a baby within the next six months.

Local councillor Sue Haworth plead his case despite planning officers ruling that the extensions would cause "undue harm" to neighbouring properties.

But Cllr David Wilkinson took the officers' side. He said: “This means two residents who live next door are going to have a great big wall in their face."

The committee voted to refuse permission.