I HAVE been writing to our MP Sir David for the past three months about three properties on Blackburn road including the Brierfield.

The silence has been truly deafening regarding what is going on with this building and the boarded up ex nursery behind it .

No one, including Bolton Council, would speak about these properties or their ownership — why? Local council officials refusing to comment, no transparency to the people who pay their wages — it’s a scandal. What’s going on?

These now ‘rat infested’, extremely unsightly properties are a danger to the residents in the area.

It is the duty of our elected representatives to challenge this situation and explain to us who are the owners, what was the original planning consent given for as regards intentions of use and why are they standing empty for years, falling apart in dangerous, unhygienic conditions for so long!

Looking at the Three Pigeons premises (again Blackburn Rd/Belmont Rd), we certainly had constant pressure on the owner, much vigour, energy and leverage was used by all local politicians featured in the press on an almost daily basis. Why not here? This is a much bigger problem.

My experience of development projects is that you are monitored and chased for anticipated completion updates continually, quite rightly so. However, clearly NOT in these cases.

How is it possible for large properties and strategic land to be held without transparent proof of necessary funds available to complete and clear intent of use at the outset?

I am in total agreement with the ‘caution ‘ expressed by John Walsh.

John Derbyshire